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Have a few design questions about a certain space in your home and just need an hour or two of my time?  I can do that. Looking to re-think several rooms as your family’s needs evolve?  I can do that. Starting a renovation or new construction project and need someone to guide you through the entire process?  I can do that, too.

My extensive design experience includes a wide variety of project types, from residential new construction and renovation, to interior furnishings and finishes, model home staging, and even commercial design. Because of my experience, I have a clear understanding of the design process and its accompanying budget and time-management components, and realize the importance of effective communication between everyone involved in that process (the client, architect, builder, sub-contractor, etc.). I am well versed in AutoCAD (architectural/design drafting software), have a keen eye for balance and proportion, and a deep well of product knowledge. Most of all, I have a creative imagination and love what I do!


Here are a few more details about the services I offer, broken down by project type:

New Construction and Renovation:

  • Collaboration with the client, builder/contractor, and architect during plan development to provide input as to the design and function of the finished space
  • Selection of all interior/exterior finishes and materials, including floor coverings, paint/stain, tile, fixtures, countertops, cabinets, stone, brick, etc.
  • Collaboration with the client, builder/contractor, and architect on interior trim details, including cabinetry and built-ins, casings, base, crown, stair railings, doors, windows, mantels, and hardware.
  • Specification of lighting, voice/data/media, and electrical switching on the electrical plan.
  • Selection of decorative and recessed light fixtures and special switches or lighting controls.
  • Selection of all plumbing fixtures.
  • Collaboration with the client, builder/contractor, and architect for specific storage and organizational needs to include kitchen design, bath design, closets, built-ins, etc.

Interior Furnishings and Finishes:

  • Collaboration with the client to determine desired look and function of the finished space
  • Detailed space planning to determine traffic patterns, furniture and lighting locations, and floor covering sizes/locations.
  • Selection of finishes and materials, including floor coverings, paint/stain, etc.
  • Selection and procurement of furniture, fixtures, and accessories.
  • Design and fabrication of soft goods, including window treatments, bedding, decorative throws, pillows, etc.
  • Installation of procured furniture, fixtures, accessories, and soft goods to ensure that everything arrives on time and all finishing touches are in place.

Residential Home Staging:

  • Hourly consultation with homeowners to determine “high impact” changes to make their home more marketable, such as paint colors, furniture and fixture selection and placement, de-cluttering, etc.
  •  Procurement, if desired, of furniture, fixtures, and accessories to “finish” the space and prepare it for listing.

Model Home Staging and Builder Spec Homes:

  • Please see the above sections for New Construction/Renovation and Interior Furnishings/Finishes.


If you are considering a design project, I would be happy to come out and meet with you for an initial consultation at no charge. I can be reached at 919.280.5909 or aboutahouse@icloud.com. I look forward to meeting you!